Suite Executive

We offer visitors who appreciate a comfortable rest to book a two-room apartment at Desiatka Hotel.

Feel free to sit in a chair near the fireplace amongst luxurious leather sofas and furnuture made from Transcarpathian wood.

Two-room apartments are fitted with a TV-set, phone, frigde, electric kettle, bathroom facilities (a shower cabin included).

We can put another bed in each Suite / Business Suite, if necessary. Folding sofa beds in the living room provide accomodation to two or three extra persons.


Location of Desiatka Complex::
21-A Goverlianska st. the village of Vorokhta, Yaremchansky district, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast Ukraine

Phone No: +38067 154–10–10 (managers), +38067 240–27–27 montre imitationreplica uhren österreich imitation montre rolex

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